Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Is it too Late

Is it too late to speak ..
Or is there still a way ..
Do I have a part of you ..
Or I gave it all away ..
The deepest of secrets about you ..
That my heart has in store ..
Are you still eager to hear them ..
Or you don't bother any more ..
I thought you read my mind ..
And the tale behind my untold stories ..
But silently my silence defined ..
The reason behind your pain and worries ..
The night when the moon and the stars shined
bright on your silken pillow ..
The same night the trickles from your eyes ..
Bore witness to your grief and sorrow ..
Are you too far to decide ..
The fate of my untold stories ..
Do I have a place to run away ..
From the countless memories ..

God vs Humans

300 mph
35,000 ft
Flying over countries.
"There are no borders like in the map dad". 
"God designed the world, Humans defined the maps"

Love to lose :)

"i hate to lose", she smashed hard..the ball went past him..she jumped up in joy.
A state tennis champion lost at his home.
Some defeats are worth having .. indeed ;)

What Stops You

What stops you?
The dreams you had once nursed,
Are now slowly fading away..
The chances you always waited for,
Had once come your way..
But now they are slipping by
And you give up with a sigh?
What stops you from another try?
The fear of losing what you never had?
Or fooling yourself is not that bad..
With lies.. of happiness you could only get..
if u had tried, but you gave up instead..
What stops you to start again?
The scars from yesterday's defeats
And their unbearable pain?
Those scars will forever remain..
Until you come out and try again..
Dive into the sea..get off the shore..
What stops you from trying once more?

Lie in Love

"Don't leave it dad", she screamed
"I am holding", he assured
Her hands shook, but heart was calm.
Slowly he released his grip from the bicycle
And she still rode on with a smile.
"You don't lie in love? Really?"

Durga Puja

A video of 20 feet tall idols,
breathtakingly beautiful pandals,
people dancing to the familiar beats of the drums .. 
As the video ended, continents apart his heart beat faster ..

Let Me Raise My Voice

Pull down the shades,
Cos the sun is too bright ..
Used to the darkness inside ..
Now I fear the light ..
Afraid to slip, afraid to fall ..
Afraid of the winds - gusty and strong ..
But here within the four walls ..
I know nothing can go wrong ..
I have been demeaned
Every time I raised my voice ..
When I didn't appreciate 'selfie with daughter' ..
Or on the ongoings, i expressed my choice ..
I have been humiliated ..
Every time my man failed to score ..
I was laughed at for days ..
For the dress .. I once wore ..
Bring me under the limelight ..
But for reasons right ..
Or pull down the shades ..
If wrong prevails over the right ..

Love Your mom

"Love your friends", she had taught him three decades back.
Today as she sat beside the silent telephone..she wished some friend could remind him of an untaught lesson -
"Love your mom"


When the world failed to understand him, the 80yr old hard at hearing lady heard his unspoken words clearly..
Just like she heard him perfect decades back when he could only blabber..


'The shade of a tree' on a summer noon..
On a dark night, 'a half shining moon'..
'Support of a stick' for the weak n the old..
For a helpless person, 'a hand to hold'..
'Someone for company',after you've walked a mile..
For the lonely n the depressed, 'a reason to smile'..
For every lost soul, 'a pole star shining'..
Behind every dark cloud, 'a silver lining'..
God has His little gifts planned for 'tomorrow'..
embrace them with gratitude, come out of your sorrows..


A mask to cover the hideous act ..
A mask to cover the sinful coward ..
A mask to cover a mocking smile ..
A mask to protect the convicted juvenile ..
A mask the nation needs today ..
A mask to hide an inglorious betray ..
We couldn't help her survive back then ..
But we let her die .. today ..

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Just Like You

I dreamt yesterday night
That the world has come to know..
About the secret of my life.. 
That I left myself long ago..
In the hands of a girl so cute
But she still has no clue..
A girl who lives down the lane..
A girl who looks..just like you..
The thought gave me a fright..
What If she chose to go..
Now that she knew the secret ..
That i always wanted her to know..
But I decided to let go..
Cos i didn't want to lose..
She's a friend too dear to me..
A girl who looks ..just like you..
My heart throbbed hard as she walked towards me..
And a thousand questions in her eyes i could see..
I chose to answer them all with a smile..
And I realized i was just a smile away..
All these years i was afraid of losing..
Someone whom i had always kept waiting..
I woke up and ran down the lane..
To tell you about this dream insane
The secret of my life i can hold no more..
A secret that now you should know..
A secret of which you have no clue..
"That there is no girl like you"

I'll wait for you

In my sleep when i cry n scream
When am woken up by a scary dream
When I sit right up and try to think
And the dream flashes back in a blink
I realize the gap is so narrow..
between the horrid dreams n the real sorrow..
"In my life..a life without you.."
With you when I walk along..
I feel so proud.. I feel so strong..
But suddenly when i realize..
you've walked left behind..
I scream for you..but you can't hear..
Lost in the lonely streets..i shout in fear..
"Can't live a life..a life without you.."
So i'll wait for you
when my life seems so blue..
And when i don't have a clue..
Should I rest or stay awake..
Or how do I move ahead..
Or how should I lead a life without you..

Monday, 20 July 2015

It rained again

Packing belongings and memories in her bag ..
She wiped away tears from her eyes ..
And as she walked towards the door ..
He stood there to bid her a goodbye ..
But goodbyes don't make things easier..
Nor did it matter to her any longer ..
She decided to skip a hug with her dear ..
As she parted from him after five long years..
But the Heavens had other plans in store ..
The next moment the skies burst into tears with a roar..
As she looked up, getting drenched in rain..
Her heart pushed her for a walk down the memory lane..
She had never held him so close before that day..
They had together danced the night away ..
Then they parted with thousand words in their hearts..
Both tried to express.. but neither could say ..
But as she cursed the skies for the unplanned rain..
Soon she realised that her neck missed her chain..
With a worried heart she went back again..
And inside he waited with a smile and her chain..
"Your heart for the chain" He had traded back then..
Years later things had changed and now it rained again..
She cried harder..her tears masked by the thick drops of rain..
And then as she looked towards her neck she realised..
She needed to go back for something precious left behind..
With a hope in her heart she went back again ..
And inside he waited in tears with her chain..
"Your heart for the chain", his voice choked..
"Traded years back .. and forever", she hugged him and broke..

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Watch Out

Sticking to her through sun and shower
Not for a moment did he leave her hand..
He pushed her forward when she lagged behind..
But his love n care..she failed to understand..
When night fell..she parted with him..
For her he was just another thing..
But true love persists.. he waited for a new day..
And for her..his heart kept on throbbing..
#TaleOfAWristWatch #AndAGirl

For a while

We laughed we talked we loved for a while..
In the road of life we walked many miles..
Together we sang the songs of spring..
She proudly flaunted her finger that adored my ring..

But then came a day when we lost our way..
Thousand words remained in heart..none could I say..
I still sing those songs and I wait for the spring..
I look for her as I play with the ring..
I still stand where she had left with a smile..
For she had said "Wait for me..I will be back in a while" ..

Wrong Cannot Be Right

That night he had to skip his meal, he didn't have a choice ..
In the world designed by fellow humans, he had no voice ..
But as he slept under the open night sky ..
He wondered what separated him from a rich guy ..
Who lived in the same planet, underneath the same sky ..
His doubts were soon answered in a cruel way ..
When in the next moment, death hit him and ran away ..
But his doubts were truly well answered ..
By the countless people who had gathered ..
Not to mourn over his misfortune ..
But to support their 'rich and favorite' actor ..
A blind act of their icon, had made them all go blind ..
None wept for the homeless victim .. but God wept for the disgraced mankind ..

Tu Kahan

Is khushi ke lamhe mein
Jhoom raha sara jahaan
Par is pal me sath mere
Tu kahan .. Tu kahan ..
Ansu bhare ankhon se hum ..
Is din ki rah dekhe the ..
Apni duniya sajane ke ..
Sapne palko pe sajaye the ..
Ab ayi hai wo ghari ..
Jeet liye hai hum ye jahaan ..
Par is pal me sath mere .
Tu kahan .. Tu kahan ..
Har mor pe the tum sath ..
Har kadam pe thame mera hath ..
Pyar karna sikhaya tumne ..
Subah shaam .. din raat ..
Gunj rahi teri awaz ..
Dil me bhi bas tere alfaz ..
ankhein dhunde teri muskan ..
Tu kahan .. Tu kahan ..
Is pal se hai hum khafa ..
Ye jahaan lage suna suna ..
Lauta do wo kal mujhe ..
Tu jaha .. Tu jaha ..
Le chal mujhe apne sath ..
Us pal me jab tum the pas ..
Meri khushi hai bas wahan ..
Tu jaha .. Tu jaha ..

Phir ek baar

Uske piche chalne wale
bheer me ek shaks..main bhi tha ..
Girta sambhalta ghabrata ..
Phir muskurate hue chalta tha ..
Kabhi raste bhatak jate ..
kabhi bheer me hum kho jate ..
Phir uska saya raah dikhata tha ..
Auur phir muskurate hue main chalta tha ..
Na dar tha use khone ka..
Na waqt tha tanhayi me rone ka ..
Bas ummeed thi sath rehne ka..
Auur sapna tha use phir pane ka ..
Phir ek bhayanak Aandhi ayi ..
Bheer me log khub ghabraye ..
Uske chehre me bhi chaya dar ka saya ..
Par main muskurake uske pas chala aya ..
Har raat ke bad din ata hai ..
Har andhere ke bad ujala ..
Ujale me the bas hum do khade ..
Auur maine use tha sambhala ..
Lipat gayi humse bacchi meri ..
Jaise bachpan me lipta karti thi ..
Jab 'Maa' thi uski ek saheli ..
Auur main ek lauta dost tha ..
Auur aj doston ka bheer jab sath na nibhaya ..
Usne phir ek bar mujhe apne sath paya ..

Fear is a choice

With a thoughtful mind and fear in his heart ..
He looked at the sky and aimed at the stars ..
But his spear fell back, his attempt fell apart ..
And he was left in pain with scars ..
He tried again, and again he failed ..
Each time he feared of getting defamed ..
Finally when he had nothing to lose ..
And his face bore scars and deep strains ..
He hoped for nothing, he rubbed his bruises ..
With a fearless heart he shot again ..
This time he struck a shooting star ..
Finally he tasted success and on that hour ..
He rebuked his sincere and thoughtful mind ..
And mocked at the fear, that now he had left behind ..

Zameen se door

Zameen se door asmanon me ek jahan banayenge ..
Sarhadon se upar badalon ke beech apna ghar basayenge ..
Na bhasha na mulk humein alag kar payenge ..
Na rang na bhesh insanon mein dooriyan badhaenge ..
Zameen se door sitaron ke beech ek jahan banayenge ..
Jaha na honge koi auur sitarein, na kuch bebas log reh jayenge ..
Zameen se door jab hum aisa jahan banayenge ..
Samundar tat ke geeli ret pe apne nishan hum chhor jayenge ..

The Captain

Mahanagron ke chamak se door ..
Ek sheher me chhupi ye ek kahaani hai ..
Sapno ke paharon me chadhne ka jasba ..
Aur junoon ki ye kahaani thodi purani hai ..
Na dar na ghabrahat thi usme ..
Bas thi jeetne ki bharpoor umang ..
Mehnat auur lagan se aage badhte huye ..
Usne apne sapno me bhara rang ..
Na apne lakshya se kabhi bhatka ..
Na kaam ke bojh se wo jhuka ..
Kartavya ke raah pe chalta raha ..
Na kabhi thaka, na kabhi ruka ..
Samundar ki lehre use khub satate ..
Kabhi paeron tale reth pighal jate ..
Magar lehron ki bahon me khelta tha wo nidar ..
Haske har jang larta tha,'Bhavishya ka leader' ..
Logon ne use sir pe bithaya ..
Jab desh ka sir uncha kiya uski jeet ne ..
Auur lakhon gharo me rounak laya ..
Is jeet ke chirag ne ..
Lakhon logon ko sapne dekhna sikhaya wo ..
Jo na kabhi harta, na ghabrata, na darta hai ..
Ab yuvaon ke aankhon me kahin na kahin ..
Ek Dhoni banne ka sapna basta hai ..

Ginger Tea

Familiar roads..familiar shops..
He drove past some buildings old and dear ..
With the reunion to start in some hours..
He entered college after five long years..
Nothing had changed..
The library..the canteen.. the ground..
The creaky back gate made as much sound..
And then he saw the same small stall..
The tea seller and his business..still standing tall..
How badly he missed thetea ..
How badly he missed those old days ..
But then as he glanced at the watch he wore..
He remembered someone whom he missed a little more..
Someone with whom he had sung the tunes of friendship..
Someone with whom he had an unnamed relationship ..
Someone who could see his tears behind his smile ..
Someone with whom he had walked many miles..
Someone with whom he always shared his tea ..
Someone with whom he moved around in glee ..
Someone whom he had fought with five years back..
And someone whose memories had brought him back..
He smiled with a hope to have her back ..
"A Ginger Tea" he shouted, 'their' old choice ..
A moment of shiver, thrill and excitement followed as ..
"Make it by two", said a familiar voice ..

Tere Sang

Jeevan ke panno me tere sang
Pyaar ke syahi se maine bhare rang
Ha kuch panne berang reh gaye ..
Par ye berang panne ek kahani keh gaye ..
Kahani un sapno ki jo reh gaye adhure ..
Par batao kya har sapne kabhi hote hai pure ?
Rangeen panno se khushiyan jhalakti hai ..
Sacche sapno ki kahani kise nahi lubhati hai?
In kahaniyo me khokar hum jo bhool jate hai ..
Berang panne hume wahi yaad dilate hai ..
Ki phir goonjegi humare pyaar ki tarang ..
Phir se safed panno me hum bharenge rang ..
Berang panno se zyada, garha pyaar ki syahi hai ..
Ki main hoon yahin, tum ho sath
Auur Zindagi abhi baki hai ..

Seven Lives

When I look at you ..
And you steal your eyes ..
With a secret smile .. 
And a breath so shy ..
From the sea so deep ..
And the mountains high..
Not a feel so pure ..
Has touched me by..
Oh it feels so good..
To feel to be me..
When i want you to look ..
And you turn and see ..
Your charming smile ..
Then sets me free ..
When I look at you ..
You smile and look away ..
Pulling you close ..
All I want to say ..
"I will see it through..
I will die for you..
And I will live again..
For seven lives.."
"If you hold me close..
Though the Heavens oppose..
We'll be holding close ..
For seven lives.."

Twist in the Tail

On a bright and windy summer day ..
The house of the Stewarts' made way ..
For the new member .. born a day before ..
Whose little eyes and cute nose the family adored ..
He loved to laugh, fight and play ..
With John and Mary .. he lead a life carefree and gay ..
He rejoiced when Mary fed him with her own hands ..
"How she always read his mind?" he failed to understand ..
But he was not the only one who couldn't speak ..
There was a girl so gentle and meek ..
Mary's first child 'Lisa' .. ten years old ..
With whom he built sand castles ..
Played in the mud, jumped and rolled ..
And time brought him and Lisa closer ..
Together they stayed .. tied in a bond tighter ..
Fate had cruelly left the two to mourn ..
As John and Mary had left them alone ..
Together they grieved for the loss ..
And together they faced the hurdles they came across ..
Neither could speak .. yet both understood one another ..
"I will never leave you"
They silently promised each other ..
Then came a day when Lisa found love ..
And as Lisa got married, he decided to leave ..
But he was glad when Lisa blocked his way ..
"Remember we promised?" her eyes seemed to say ..
He smiled and stayed back as he needed Lisa ..
And Lisa needed as much of 'Him' -
'A friend with tiny eyes.. a wet nose ..
And a twist in the tail'.

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Every time they got together ..
They were pulled apart by some evil feet ..
Though they marched together ..
They could never meet ..
But true love wins.. and Destiny has it all written ..
When Night fell, and the world retired .. they were together again ..

Sunday, 11 January 2015

United .. again

Oh ! He proved to be a poor liar ..
Neither could he hide the truth with some wine ..
For when he said he didn't care ..
She could see his wet and red eyes shine ..
She hugged him at once .. getting over the fights ..
And coming out of her pain ..
Past was left behind .. Egos were overridden ..
As two souls united .. again ..

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A person she was never before

The strong breeze gushed into her ears..
And her own words were lost in the air..
But when she failed to hear herself..
He seemed to hear and understand her..
He was the only guy who had held her hand..
But about him she knew no more..
She blindly followed his footsteps engraved in the sand..
As she walked to the rhythm of the waves on the shore..
And at the end she was left with a new self..
A person she was never before..
A person she had become following him on the shore..
Tuned to his love - true and pure..

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Reason Behind Her Smile

To earn more than he did.. he worked overtime ..
To fulfill her dreams.. to buy her a smile ..
Hence for her little wishes ..he had no time ..
But once she left ..he stopped and thought for a while ..
Too late to realize .. that He was the one ..
'Her only wish', 'her dream' and 'the reason behind her smile' ..

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Race Towards Your dreams

Who can assure you of a new day?
Will Life wait for your hairs to turn gray?

Why put off till tomorrow,what you can start today?
Everyday is a chance..grab it and make your way ..
Drive your passion and try out the extremes ..
Don't just walk .. but race towards your dreams ..