Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Is it too Late

Is it too late to speak ..
Or is there still a way ..
Do I have a part of you ..
Or I gave it all away ..
The deepest of secrets about you ..
That my heart has in store ..
Are you still eager to hear them ..
Or you don't bother any more ..
I thought you read my mind ..
And the tale behind my untold stories ..
But silently my silence defined ..
The reason behind your pain and worries ..
The night when the moon and the stars shined
bright on your silken pillow ..
The same night the trickles from your eyes ..
Bore witness to your grief and sorrow ..
Are you too far to decide ..
The fate of my untold stories ..
Do I have a place to run away ..
From the countless memories ..

God vs Humans

300 mph
35,000 ft
Flying over countries.
"There are no borders like in the map dad". 
"God designed the world, Humans defined the maps"

Love to lose :)

"i hate to lose", she smashed hard..the ball went past him..she jumped up in joy.
A state tennis champion lost at his home.
Some defeats are worth having .. indeed ;)

What Stops You

What stops you?
The dreams you had once nursed,
Are now slowly fading away..
The chances you always waited for,
Had once come your way..
But now they are slipping by
And you give up with a sigh?
What stops you from another try?
The fear of losing what you never had?
Or fooling yourself is not that bad..
With lies.. of happiness you could only get..
if u had tried, but you gave up instead..
What stops you to start again?
The scars from yesterday's defeats
And their unbearable pain?
Those scars will forever remain..
Until you come out and try again..
Dive into the sea..get off the shore..
What stops you from trying once more?

Lie in Love

"Don't leave it dad", she screamed
"I am holding", he assured
Her hands shook, but heart was calm.
Slowly he released his grip from the bicycle
And she still rode on with a smile.
"You don't lie in love? Really?"

Durga Puja

A video of 20 feet tall idols,
breathtakingly beautiful pandals,
people dancing to the familiar beats of the drums .. 
As the video ended, continents apart his heart beat faster ..

Let Me Raise My Voice

Pull down the shades,
Cos the sun is too bright ..
Used to the darkness inside ..
Now I fear the light ..
Afraid to slip, afraid to fall ..
Afraid of the winds - gusty and strong ..
But here within the four walls ..
I know nothing can go wrong ..
I have been demeaned
Every time I raised my voice ..
When I didn't appreciate 'selfie with daughter' ..
Or on the ongoings, i expressed my choice ..
I have been humiliated ..
Every time my man failed to score ..
I was laughed at for days ..
For the dress .. I once wore ..
Bring me under the limelight ..
But for reasons right ..
Or pull down the shades ..
If wrong prevails over the right ..

Love Your mom

"Love your friends", she had taught him three decades back.
Today as she sat beside the silent telephone..she wished some friend could remind him of an untaught lesson -
"Love your mom"


When the world failed to understand him, the 80yr old hard at hearing lady heard his unspoken words clearly..
Just like she heard him perfect decades back when he could only blabber..


'The shade of a tree' on a summer noon..
On a dark night, 'a half shining moon'..
'Support of a stick' for the weak n the old..
For a helpless person, 'a hand to hold'..
'Someone for company',after you've walked a mile..
For the lonely n the depressed, 'a reason to smile'..
For every lost soul, 'a pole star shining'..
Behind every dark cloud, 'a silver lining'..
God has His little gifts planned for 'tomorrow'..
embrace them with gratitude, come out of your sorrows..


A mask to cover the hideous act ..
A mask to cover the sinful coward ..
A mask to cover a mocking smile ..
A mask to protect the convicted juvenile ..
A mask the nation needs today ..
A mask to hide an inglorious betray ..
We couldn't help her survive back then ..
But we let her die .. today ..