Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Sleepless Night

He could not sleep that night ..
As he eagerly waited to have a sight ..
Of her and grab her in his arms ..
To love her, to kiss her and to get lost in her charm ..

He could not sleep that night ..
He remembered how he had challenged God's might ..
When the world said he couldn't have her in his life ..
And he knew without her he will not survive ..

He could not sleep that night ..
For he had won .. And now his life was bright ..
He sat on his seat and softly cried ..
'Tears of Joy followed his long struggle and fight'

He could not sleep that night ..
If only something faster than the flight ..
Could cover those thousands of miles ..
And take him to her .. and let him watch her smile ..

At the strike of dawn he reached his home ..
And finally at this hour of joy .. he was not alone ..
And then he saw the angel of his life ..
His new born daughter ..smiling in her dreams .. sleeping by her Mom's side ..

"We did it",he said as he hugged his wife ..
"She looks like you",with tears in her eyes, she replied ..

Monday, 19 May 2014

When 'Rahul' became #RaGa and 'Modi' became #Namo

Its no more a Breaking News that #BJP won the #2014LokSabha elections by a huge majority .. dissapointment for #Congress .. depressed #RaGa .. but What a win for #BJP .. What a win for #NaMo .. and  What a win for the #SocialMedia ..
Just to get the context of the post clear , can you remember how active were you on Facebook during the previous general elections in 2009 ? Alright i believe you were quite active on Facebook even then and probably also on Orkut ( you still remember Orkut, right ?) .. but hey !! were your parents on these social media sites back then ?? Come on , that cant be a 'big yes' . But now they are!!  In the last five years the trend has changed . Facebook and Twitter have become more powerful with more and more people starting to actively use these sites. You need a scale to weigh their power ? Just recall an incident in the past not so long ago when a girl was put behind bars for a post on fb with her friend who liked her post. Such is the power of social media and 'Power' and 'Politics' are so closely knit that it was impossible for our Indian Politics to stay away from the social media. In fact how much social media can affect Politics can be measured by its impact on the 2014 general Elections.

Never before did we have such an interface which could give us each and every update of the political parties and their icons. It was almost like people were ready with their # tag and @ tag combinations to type in their post, closely observing each and every move of #NaMo or #RaGa. For some people these posts and tweets used to be news , while others who were familiar with the news just added their opinions in the comments. In fact long before the election results were announced, people had already chosen their leader on fb when they hit more likes than comments on a likes vs comments (#NaMo vs #RaGa) post.

'India believes' that the famous interview by #ArGo of #RaGa was a crucial point and a decider in 2014 elections. Well .. what about the twitter and facebook flood that followed the interview? Seeing posts about it again and again only helped us to get our concepts clear. And didn't the parties themselves take this social media craze to their advantage and start spreading posts about their oponents . The battle was fought equally on the campaigns + rallies and on Twitter + facebook. As a matter of fact on 2009 only one political leader had a twitter account and this time .. well tough to think of a name who is still to enter the Twitter world.

Having said all that, didn't we benefit from the social media? We had to vote for some candidate and we did vote  (of course not all of us voted and fb posts didn't fail to highlight the celeb names who missed voting) but with much deeper knowledge about the candidate and party whom we think can take up the responsibilities of the nation. Of course not all that was projected was true - some posts were fake , some made no sense ,  but the remaining were enough to give us a better picture of the scenario. But any idea who benefited from these social media floods the most ?? Yeah you got it right ! Its The Facebooks and The Twitters and The Googles. In fact it seems facebook had started preparing their site for 2014 India elections since last year ( ever wondered why the new 'Trending' panel was added to Facebook). And didn't we at times or most of the time refer to facebook and twitter for the headlines ??

But how does it  bother you if these sites earned money during the elections , if your favorite candidate won and your favorite party came to power. Oh but ya .. if the winning candidate was not your favorite .. cut short on your 'Chota Bheem' episodes, start tweeting and posting , get familiar with the # and @ , for next time it will be tougher with smarter social networking sites and more people into these sites .

Friday, 16 May 2014

You Voted .. He Won .. Now What ??

Well ya !! It has been a long wait .. 10 years to have a PM who speaks . In fact in his first speech after becoming PM he spoke longer than our ex PM had spoken for an entire decade. Not only his speech .. his ideas, his views everything looks promising . With the country lost in celebrations and cries of 'Abkibaar Modi Sarkar' going all around the country..surely this day will make it to the history books in near future. Hearty congratulations to the people of India for choosing such a dynamic , promising and charismatic leader. You voted .. he won .. job done .. right?? Now the country's economy will start looking up, crimes will reduce, evils like hunger , poverty, caste ,creed will perish,etc etc. That is exactly what is expected to happen .. now that you have given the power to the most eligible candidate .. right?? But are you really done with your job ??

Our new PM is supposed to protect the 'daughters' of the country. But will he be there when at some hour of the day at some corner of  some city a 'daughter' is attacked by some random 'Men' ?
Our new PM is also supposed to bring down corruption by implementing some clever and strict strategies. But will he be there when a poor, old and retired man has to pay a bribe to get his pension underway ?
Our new PM is supposed to remove poverty and bring about development in the country like never before.
But will he be there when a young guy  tired of searching for a job and sick of struggling gives up his life?
Our new PM is supposed to make the country look better by building beautiful new fly overs, bridges, railway stations, parks, etc. But will he be there when some irresponsible and careless guy pees on the road side or writes his lover's name on the pillars of some ancient monument?
Will he be there to stop a father from paying dowry for his daughter's marriage? Will he be there to save a newly married wife being tortured by her husband behind closed doors ?
Well .. may be he will be there .. if not he , someone working for him will be there .. a policeman or someone .. but for every hundred such cases there will be thousand more cases which will remain unattended.. as a result crime rates will continue to grow, corruption will remain high, poverty will be there and other social evils will be prevail.

But hey .. wait a sec .. you have done your job by electing him as the PM . Then don't you deserve a better India ? There is only one answer I can think of right now and here it goes "Your job is far from done" .. in fact you have just started executing your tasks and believe me "Electing Him as the PM" was the first task in that list. Now that you have laid your trust on him, don't leave him alone in bringing around a change in the country. Be a part of it. Even the smallest actions at individual level will eventually aid towards the growth of the country. Actions starting from "no wastage of food", "stop fighting over petty issues", "don't break traffic rules", "give the poor a penny" to actions such as "respecting women and making sure the person next to you does the same", "denying to give or take bribes", "keeping the city clean", "preventing domestic violence", "stop hating the poor", "ignoring castes .. we all are humans and Indians", "respecting all religions".

Though we have a PM who looks to be one of the best the country has ever had, it will be only too early to decide if things will start looking up. But certainly every small step taken at individual level will take us a step forward in making India a country the leaders had envisioned at the time of independence. "Lets bring the glory back to the nation .. Lets be a pat of this revolution". Let us all rise up to the occasion and under the leadership of this charismatic leader let us build a new India and gift it to our next generations so that they can be proud of us.  Now that we have a " ModiSarkar" , lets try "AbkiBar Desh Sudhaar".

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

More Gratitude .. Less Complains

The world will be a better place to live .. 
Life will give us more joy and less pain .. 
Only if everyday we bring in our lives ..
a little more gratitude and a little less complains ..

Why do something that won't buy you a smile

"Sky is the limit for those who put limits to their ambitions..
We were made for a voyage to sail beyond the horizon" ..

Were we made to master only one art in a lifetime?
Why cant a tester .. also be a developer ..
why cant an electronics geek .. also be a crazy coder ..
Why cant an engineer .. also master poetry ..
Why cant a music maniac .. also be an equally good painter ..
Do we study a single subject in schools or colleges ?? never ..

So why work on one thing throughout your life
as if thats the only thing you could be good at ..
We were never taught to choose one profession..
So its a choice .. how we want to lead our lives ..
Cos one life is what we have ..

"Why walk only a yard when you can walk a mile ..
why do something that wont buy you a smile ..
Give wings to your dreams and let them fly ..
Do what you love .. take risks ..
but dont end your life with a sigh.."

Endless Dreams

Name me a man born so supreme .. 
who in his life has converted all his dreams ..
A dream come true .. 
adds another dream to the endless queue ..

Real Happiness comes not when we achieve those dreams ..
But in the journey wherein to achieve them we try out the extremes ..
We say "when you stop dreaming .. you stop living" 
But we forget "you stop dreaming .. only when you stop living"

Let them be Themselves

A guy tall handsome and smart .. looked so fine .. was a friend of mine..
But his creators saw in him sparks of Einstein..
He Fought hard and won battles .. but only till class nine ..
Too late for theatres by then, he ended up at X bar with a bottle of wine..

never had a voice been more soothing to these ears ..
This nightingale could win hearts with a voice so melodious and clear ..
But he was made to dance at the tunes of Presley ..
Poor nightingale's legs proved too weak .. as he staggered and fell
broken .. slowly ..

His poems could move and shake people off their feet ..
He wrote on subjects concerning the country's needs ..
But his closest ones didnt approve his talent ..
And the pen in his hand was replaced by a random racquet ..

For his country he had enormous passion..
Wanted to fight and shed blood for his nation ..
But the brave lad was painted in the romantic shades of Hussain..
Confused with colours and meaningless sketches .. his life went in vain..

People who were born to conquer and rule ..
Were held back and bound by rules ..
They had nursed dreams to win hearts and fly high ..
But were made to run and fell down with a sigh .
Lost their way in life amidst of books racquets salsa and sketches ..
They force us to ask a question ..
Why couldnt they be .. just themselves ??

ride over the waves of challenges

Today life beckons you..
With a reason and a challenge new..
Unleash in yourself the power to conquer..
Move ahead with a desire and unmatched vigour..

Never stop dreaming for glory and fame..
To achieve them take risks and play the game..
To the list of the legends you will add your name..

From the waves and the tides-those who fear..
In a direction they should steer..
their ship so as to aid their motion with the forces of the sea..
And turn every difficulty into a golden opportunity..

" Sky is the limit "for those who apply limits to their ambitions..
you are meant for a voyage to sail beyond the horizon..
A brave heart and a clever mind leaves in your journey no distress..
And then you welcome every challenge as a herald of another success..

The power lies in you and now is the time..
You are never too old or too young to set out for a voyage..
You have in you skills divine..
The spark in you will usher in vital changes..
Conquer the world..ride over the waves of challenges..

Life - A Festival

Life is a festival..
Roam about and explore, play games, win n lose,
Suprise others n get surprised, 
paint urself with the colours of the festival..
And end up with a bunch of memories..
But yu surely wudnt have had enough at the end..
And yu will want to relive certain moments of the festival again..

Life Goes On

Life goes on .. 
People come into your life.. and leave ..
Some of them move you .. some shake you .. and some make you .. 
Just like the waves of the sea that again and again hit you ..
At the end you are left only with memories .. 
and yourself ..
A person you were never before .. 
A person who you became standing at the shore ..
As you casually followed someones footprints engraved in the sand ..

Give him a chance

This noon he had to skip his meal..
It wasn't new to him ..
He knew how it feels..
When you miss your breakfast and then skip your meal..

This noon He had grabbed his meal..
But gave it to a kid who had arrived a week before
Because that 'toddler' was on 'wheels' ..
Weak and hungry He sat near the gate on his kneels..

Everyday while coming back from office
I would grab a beer from a shop on my way..
My friends thought i was wasting money..
But 200 bucks for a can .. i could easily pay..

But something stopped me from buying a can today..
Something i came across on my way..
Something which made a rupee look too much to pay..
Something that i hadn't realized till this day..

I saw a kid sitting near an Orphanage gate..
Tired of being hungry he cursed his fate..
He first looked at my car 'dazzle and shine'..
And then his eyes met mine ..

He asked a thousand questions at a glance..
He wanted to live .. he needed a chance ..
The only difference between him and me ..
Was that I was born in a rich family..
And he never had a family..

I bought him a meal which he finished in no time ..
'Thank you',he said,'Now i am fine'..
And the joy in his eyes gave me a pleasure ..
Which neither money could give me nor some wine ..

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

God was born on this day

When winter was at its peak..
And the city was decked with trees and lights..
He remembered his mother often said..
That he was born on one such night..

When winter was at its peak..
And the city was decked with trees and lights..
The only difference this day made to him was..
He woke up early and had to work in a hotel late night..

He saw a group celebrating and exchanging gifts..
He thought "why are they celebrating , its my birthday"..
He asked one of them "whats special today?"
With a surprised expression and a mocking smile he said
"God was born on this day".

Years rolled by .. again on one such Christmas day..
A rich man and his wife stopped by a hotel on their way..
He handed over some gifts and cakes to a kid working there..
And whispered to his wife..
"once upon a time I used to work here"..

"Whats special today?" Asked the kid to the wife..
She looked at her husband walking away ..
With pride in her eyes and a smile she said
"God was born on this day "