Thursday, 24 September 2015

Just Like You

I dreamt yesterday night
That the world has come to know..
About the secret of my life.. 
That I left myself long ago..
In the hands of a girl so cute
But she still has no clue..
A girl who lives down the lane..
A girl who looks..just like you..
The thought gave me a fright..
What If she chose to go..
Now that she knew the secret ..
That i always wanted her to know..
But I decided to let go..
Cos i didn't want to lose..
She's a friend too dear to me..
A girl who looks ..just like you..
My heart throbbed hard as she walked towards me..
And a thousand questions in her eyes i could see..
I chose to answer them all with a smile..
And I realized i was just a smile away..
All these years i was afraid of losing..
Someone whom i had always kept waiting..
I woke up and ran down the lane..
To tell you about this dream insane
The secret of my life i can hold no more..
A secret that now you should know..
A secret of which you have no clue..
"That there is no girl like you"

I'll wait for you

In my sleep when i cry n scream
When am woken up by a scary dream
When I sit right up and try to think
And the dream flashes back in a blink
I realize the gap is so narrow..
between the horrid dreams n the real sorrow..
"In my life..a life without you.."
With you when I walk along..
I feel so proud.. I feel so strong..
But suddenly when i realize..
you've walked left behind..
I scream for you..but you can't hear..
Lost in the lonely streets..i shout in fear..
"Can't live a life..a life without you.."
So i'll wait for you
when my life seems so blue..
And when i don't have a clue..
Should I rest or stay awake..
Or how do I move ahead..
Or how should I lead a life without you..