Sunday, 29 June 2014

Someone Somewhere Is Always Praying For You

Every Moment You Are blessed With A Reason to Smile..
Some Force Has Been Driving You Now For A While..
You Feel More Confident And More Strong..
Your Life Is Full Of Joy And Nothing Can Be Wrong..
And Why Is God So Generous You Have No Clue ..

Its Because Someone Somewhere Is Always Praying For You .. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

He Tried Harder

Every time he tried to score
They asked him to try once more
Next time he tried harder than before
But sadly he was shown the door..

He saw his peers climb up the ladder
He didn't give up ,he tried harder
Finally he succeeded ,caught up with his peers, after trying for years,
And now his peers were yet to learn what he had learnt from his failures..

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Mango Tree

Standing at the outskirts of the busy town ..
This gigantic beauty had been beaten down ..
By cycles of rain , thunder and storm ..
Been untouched for years it had lost its charm ..
Every brick and pillar proved it was too old ..
And such a house was worthy of being sold ..

Just as he finished his final tour of the chateau ..
His eyes caught something covered with overnight dew ..
Gallantly standing there - tall and bold with beauty sublime ..
This Mango tree had guarded the house all this time ..
Loaded with bulks of mangoes which the leaves couldn't conceal ..
Ripe and ready for the neighborhood kids to  steal ..

The very sight of the tree triggered in his brain ..
A walk down the sweet and fun-filled memory lane ..
He could see a ten year old kid climb up the tree ..
Devoid of troubles and worries .. he played around in glee ..
Fighting with his siblings to grab the best mango from the lot ..
And then sharing the same with them ,which tied them in an inseparable knot ..
They had promised each other - their friendship will forever last ..
"But people forget promises with time" and he grew up too fast ..

And in a moment he had a glance of his childhood days..
His childhood like a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces now falling in place  ..
All these memories were knit around the house and the tree ..
He realized something that until now he couldn't see ..
Each and every corner of the house bore a loving touch ..
Of his loved ones whom now he missed so much ..

He saw his kids running around the tree ..
The girl chased for mangoes as the boy tried to flee ..
With a smile in his face he said  ,"You were right", to his wife ..
"I cannot trade for money the priceless memories of my life " ..

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Football 'My Love' - Before the FIFA WC 2014 kicks off .. how about recalling the WC 2010 final .. when Spain won a thriller against Holland to grab the title by a 1 goal margin .. Somehow I found it very similar to a guy's journey from 'loving a girl' to 'being loved by her' .. how ?? lets find out .. :)

Football 'My Love'

How important was the match for Spain ..
How important was her love to me ..
A defeat meant the entire journey to the finals would go in vain ..
And a 'No' would leave me in utter despair and pain ..

Nervous legs and a nervous heart ..
Both equally important for a healthy start ..
Villa ran with the ball to pierce the opposition ..
I took a chance to create in her heart , my position ..

Too early to show her my love ..
Too early for Spain to attack ..
As both Villa's ball and my proposal were thrown equally rudely back ..

But none of us lost our hearts ..
As Spain decided to bring the ball back to the end ..
And now i knew to win her heart i first needed to be a good friend ..

Back and forth the ball moved ..
Silva to Villa to Puyol to Ramos ..
We started spending time together ..
And it slowly became from 'Me' to 'Us' ..

Situation tensed up as Iniesta , through the opposition's defense, found his way ..
Now that we were best friends, i once again decided to convey ..

One on one with the keeper ..
Chances always high for the striker ..
Still my heart throbbed and panicked ..
In anticipation of what will be her answer ..

' I love you and I need you ',was her reply ..
The heavens blessed the meeting of our souls ..
Celebrations began, Spain's dream come true ..
As Iniesta guided the ball into the goal ..

Friday, 6 June 2014

Unheard Voice ..

Who doesn't love to achieve glory and fame ..
Even i have dreams to earn the same ..
Inside me there is a wild .. uncontrolled flame ..
A spark.. a vigor you cannot tame ..

Given a chance i will make you see ..
How hard i can compete with you
And how mighty i can be ..
Then i want to see you applaud for me ..
when overnight i become a sensation ..
when i win a medal for my nation ..

But somewhere between me and my dreams
Lie my biggest apprehensions ..
That some myths so unjust , some rules so supreme
And some witless conventions ..
Will break my wings and restrain me from flying ..
With shattered hopes i will fall in the dust , crying ..

But here I am ready to tackle ..
All the hurdles planned for me and all the hassles ..
I don't need you to empower me ..
To see my power just set me free ..

As I am yet to see the daylight ..
Yet to see the beauty of the night ..
Yet to see the sea and the storm ..
I am a girl yet to be born ..