Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Not much is now left in me

Not much is now left in me ..
The man who moved around in glee ..
The man who played your favorite tunes ..
And promised to take you to the stars and the moon ..
Very little of that remains in me ..
The things I used to do, I used to be ..
The man who admired your beauty sublime ..
That old me has been consumed by time ..
Am left with a mind feeling weary and blue ..
But a heart .. that still beats for you ..


The strong breeze gushed into her ears..
And her own words were lost in the air..
But when she failed to hear herself..
To him the pounding of her heart was clear ..
A stroke of love and a touch of care..
Joy and happiness of his share ..
With a smile .. he gave it all away ..
And a slow smile then worked its way ..
Across her face and into her eyes ..
And clinging to his love, she could rise ..
What before their love was 'the wicked weather'?
And the breeze and the tides gave away ..
Tied to each other they spent years together
as their hairs slowly turned grey ..