Monday, 28 July 2014

15 years back - The Last Letter

He tried to hide himself, when he was being chased ..
Taking out a paper from the bag around his waist ..
He scribbled something with shaking hands in a haste ..
He knew his time had come, for he had been traced ..

His mind went back to the summer of the previous year ..
Her picture flashed before his eyes - crystal clear ..
She had said with a smile, hiding her tears ..
"Losing you is my biggest fear" ..
And then he had whispered holding her near ..
"I Promise .. In a few months, i will again be here" ..

And that was the last time he had seen his dear ..

But before the memories of his beloved, his home and his town ..
Could make him weak and break him down ..
He remembered an old promise he had made ..
Even if he had to die , the promise could never fade .. 

He carefully placed the letter beneath a stone ..
And then .. 'Jai Hind' he shouted in an untamed tone ..
Oozing with love for the country, vigor and passion ..
Loading his gun with bullets he charged towards the opposition ..

15 years back - this soldier had paid his last tribute to the nation ..

And .. "Forgive me for I broke my promise , to keep another promise I had made"
 - his last letter to his wife read .. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Live this day

                                                                        Live this day

Drop your worries about the unseen tomorrow ..

Live this Day , come out of Yesterday's Sorrow ..

Believe in Yourself , You can fight away challenges new ..

And You are not alone , I'll be there for you ..

Monday, 7 July 2014


In a way life is all about memories..its only memories that remains from your past , its only memories that you carry forward from your present , and its new memories you will form in your future..

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

When the world goes blind

Cruising through the streets on a winter night ..
A poor homeless kid at the roadside caught her sight ..
Starving and shivering in cold the kid looked for someone so kind ..
To give him a helping hand , but he couldn't find ..
And how could she be that 'someone' when the world had declined ..
Hence to this unfortunate poor being , she chose to be blind ..

Not so far ahead she saw a man weak and old ..
Who waited at the roadside fighting the cold ..
For someone to hold him and take him to the other side ..
He begged for help, but the world was too busy to guide ..
And how could she go against mankind ..
Hence to this weak and shaking being , she chose to be blind ..

Some distance away as she stopped at a red light ..
She saw a man drunk was trying to prove his might ..
As he pulled , slapped,  beat his wife and held her tight ..
The lady helplessly cried , people stopped hearing the noise ..
All paused for a moment but none raised his voice ..
Even she moved at green , leaving the lady behind ..
To this helpless and tortured lady , she chose to be blind ..

Moments later her bike slipped , throwing her on the street ..
With bleeding knees she cried for help as she tried to stand on her feet ..
With a spinning head she could see people look at her and move on ..
At that moment her mind went for a rewind ..
When people needed her help , she had denied ..

And people like her form the world ..
Now she could see them all , but to her pain .. the world was blind ..